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Jack Strickland Heating & Air Conditioning Air Purification Systems

Our Newest Product and Service: Air Purification Systems!
We all worry about the air we breathe. Outside it’s easy to spot the issues (smoke, pollution, vapors, etc.). In your home, it’s not so easy. Despite your best efforts, there may still be mold, bacteria, viruses and germs floating in the air. And that does not even cover odors caused by cooking, pets and general living.

Jack Strickland Heating & Air has a number of ultraviolet and carbon based air purification systems that go right into your existing ductwork and can remove these harmful germs from your home. Whether you have asthma, general breathing issues or just want to breathe better air where you live, these are long term solutions to clean the air you breathe.

When your home needs a new cooling setup in the summer, it can’t wait. That’s why we offer financing with approved credit on new installs. For more information and to apply, call our team. Or, click the link below to see full financing details.
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