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Air Conditioner

Jack Strickland Heating & Air Conditioning Air Conditioning Maintenance


Air Conditioners

When you need an air conditioner tune-up in Jacksonville, Florida, we’re the experienced team to turn to. Our technicians are AC experts. We maintain all makes and models, and our thorough checkup will ensure that your system is ready for the hot, humid summer ahead.


Heat Pumps

We tune up heat pumps. Since they run throughout the year, we recommend that you schedule both fall and spring tune-ups for your heat pump. However, given the amount of use the system sees during the warmer months, you should definitely have us inspect it in the spring!


Ductless Units

Have the experts here at Jack Strickland inspect your ductless system this spring to make sure it’s running at its best. When properly maintained by a professional, ductless units offer incredible cooling and heating while using less energy and giving homeowners more control over their comfort.

Extend the Life of Your System and Save on Your Energy Bills

A thorough tune-up from our experienced technicians can help prevent a system breakdown this summer. Our techs are often able to spot issues before they become big problems. Whether your system is brand-new or you’ve needed repairs in the past, have our team inspect your cooling systems this spring. You’ll have peace of mind knowing a professional has inspected your system and has given it a thumbs-up, so you can enjoy your summer comfortably!


By maintaining your system and optimizing it's performance, our technicians can help your cooling system work more efficiently during the hottest of months in Jacksonville, Florida. Over the course of the summer, that means lower cooling costs for you and your family. If you’ve been sweating the high costs of cooling your home in the summer, see the positive difference a tune-up can make.


Extend the Life of your Cooling System

No homeowner wants to replace their AC unit before they absolutely have to. Regular maintenance can help your cooling system live a longer life, and run better as it ages. In fact, annual tune-ups from one of our seasoned pros can reduce the overall wear-and-tear on your system, which means more years before you have to replace it.

When your home needs a new heating or cooling setup it can’t wait. That’s why we offer financing with approved credit on new installs. For more information and to apply, call our team. Or, click the link below to see full financing details.
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