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Jack Strickland Heating & Air Conditioning Air Heating Maintenance


Get More Out of Your Heating

A heating system that has a strong track record of annual maintenance is far more likely to live longer and run better than one that has gone without regular tune-ups. That’s because professional tune-ups can reduce overall wear-and-tear and winter breakdowns.


Maximize Energy and Efficiency

Heating maintenance from one of our professional HVAC technicians can boost your system’s energy-efficiency this winter. By cleaning out the furnace and optimizing comfort settings, our technicians can help even older furnaces use less energy, which means lower energy bills for you and your family.


Avoid Issues This Winter

Experienced homeowners know that having your furnace or heat pump stop working on a cold winter night isn’t much fun. One of the best reasons to schedule a tune-up is because professional maintenance can help prevent heater breakdowns in the winter.

Your local heating system tune-up company!

Serving Jacksonville, Florida and surrounding areas...

Here in the Jacksonville, Florida, Jack Strickland Heating and Air Conditioning is the team to call for heating tune-up services. Have one of our experienced technicians inspect and maintain your furnace, heat pump, or ductless system this winter. Call us today to schedule your heater tune-up.

We tune up these systems:



For heating maintenance our techs have the tools and training needed to get your furnace ready for whatever winter can throw at it! We tune up all makes and models. To schedule your furnace tune-up this fall,

give us a call today!

Heat Pumps

We offer heat pump preventative maintenance contracts. Since they run throughout the year, heat pumps require regular maintenance to avoid breakdowns and problems. We recommend you schedule both a spring and fall tune-up for your system to ensure it’s ready for summer and winter, respectively.

Ductless Heating

We can help maintain your ductless heating system and make sure it’s ready for whatever season lies ahead. Adjusting comfort setting is important for ductless systems, since individualizing the zoned comfort of each room can yield huge energy savings!

When your home needs a new cooling or heating system, it can’t wait. That’s why we offer financing with approved credit on new installs. For more information and to apply, call our team. Or, click the link below to see full financing details.
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